One2One & Small Group

(Max 3 people)

Personal Training with a Difference!

Why have a One2One or

Small Group session?

There may be many reasons why you’d like a private session,

You might not like a class environment.

You may have an issue or injury you want to address

You might want to reach a specific goal.

One2Ones are all about personal attention and development.

They are about achieving your goals and being the best you can be.

I offer 2 types of One2One sessions:

30min Technique Sessions

A 30min session, booked on an individual session basis, to help you improve your Pilates Hundred or Yoga Sun Salutations, or whatever it is you wish to look at.
It will allow us the opportunity to really look at the nuances of the positions and what adjustments may be required to perform them better, to really get the most out of your sessions.
The sessions will cost £25. Please feel free to discuss your requirements with me.

Progressive Courses

These sessions are adapted to your specific needs, using a progressive Pilates and/or Yoga plan tailored to you.
We can target weaker areas and build up your strengths, so you achieve your goals.
An initial consultation will be performed where I will carry out a detailed Postural analysis and we will discuss goals. Following this I will create a personalised progressive plan to enable you to attain your goals. I will then implement the plan with you via weekly One to One sessions delivered at the Studio.

Why have a Personal Yoga/Pilates Session?

The session is adapted to your specific needs
You will receive your own personal progressive Pilates/Yoga plan
Sessions are delivered at the Studio
Studies show that one-to-one training can deliver greater results
We will target your weaker areas and build up your strengths, enabling you to achieve your goals!

Course Information

30 Minute Technique Session

£25 per 30 minute session

60 Minute One2One Session

£50 per 60 minute session

Progressive Course

With a 6 session course, session 1 is your assessment and baselining session. The remaining 5 sessions are the implementation of your plan.

All One2one’s and classes take place in the friendly, relaxing atmosphere of my beautiful boutique studio, The Lotus Room.

All sessions are suitable for all levels and beginners are welcome.
Classes have a maximum of 12 participants, so lots of space to move and plenty of personal attention.

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