Pregnancy is an amazing time in your life. It is all new and exciting, but also a little bit scary!

I’m passionate about women’s health! I feel you should have all the help possible to get you the birth you want.

The AnteNatal session is about getting you into a fabulous and well prepared state to give birth.

We use Yoga, Pilates and general exercise to get you into an good place and keep you there. This helps to aid recovery afterwards. I’ve had 2 children myself, so I’ve been there and I understand.  We also work the dread Pelvic Floor…these are possibly the most boring exercises in the world, but very necessary.


It’s all about putting you back together after the birth, helping to rebuild your core and bringing your posture back into alignment.

Because of all the hormones racing through your body, you need to be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to heal.

You can bring your baby along to the sessions

All One2one’s and classes take place in the friendly, relaxing atmosphere of my beautiful boutique studio, The Lotus Room.

All sessions are suitable for all levels and beginners are welcome.
Classes have a maximum of 12 participants, so lots of space to move and plenty of personal attention.

Visit the Lotus Room Here