Today’s children face a myriad of problems that generations before them haven’t had to deal with.

With the advent of social media, SAT’s tests and the rest, they are under pressure like never before.

Unfortunately, they are often missing the skills to deal with some of these issues.

Yoga can help children develop and ground themselves.

Yoga, coming from the Sanskrit work Yuj/Yug, meaning to unite/blend/yoke together. In this instance, it means to bring together mind, body and spirit; working together to complete the whole self.

Yoga has been around for 10,000 years and has proven health benefits.

As a Yoga (and Pilates, which is derived from Yoga) teacher of many years, I have seen the benefits personally and first hand

A Healthy Body…

  • A Healthy attitude to their body – there is no competition in Yoga. And an understanding of the need to put good fuel into your body.
  • Body awareness – not body obsession, as is the current norm due to Social Media
  • Body confidence – learning to trust in their body and how it can work for them
  • Belief in their abilities and a sense of achievement
  • A feeling of safety, brought about by learning to trusting themselves and their abilities
  • Increased flexibility, so less injuries

A Healthy Mind…

  • It helps them to be calm and focussed. They learn good breathing skills, leading to the ability to self-soothe and ground themselves.
  • This also leads to resilience.
  • They learn the ability to centre themselves.
  • But also, how to relax, a skill that is often missing in todays 90mph lifestyle.
  • This increase in focus and the ability to self sooth, can help them achieve better results in school
  • With a healthy body attitude they will have less school absence, again, helping them to achieve their full potential.
  • What amazing skills for life!

I can offer classes or workshops within schools, colleges or universities.

These can be themed to tie in with school projects or to deliver specifics, ie: coping with exam stress, etc.

All One2one’s and classes take place in the friendly, relaxing atmosphere of my beautiful boutique studio, The Lotus Room.

All sessions are suitable for all levels and beginners are welcome.
Classes have a maximum of 12 participants, so lots of space to move and plenty of personal attention.

Visit the Lotus Room Here