Welcome to July’s Newsletter!

Hi All

So, we made it! Halfway through the year.
How are your SMART goals going?
We’re Six months in, so a great time for a review.
Have you achieved all you want?
What changes do you still want to make?
Have you given up?
It’s all about you, so do what makes you happy.

New Course Dates-Summer Sessions
So, due to summer holidays, I don’t run courses. Instead, we do stand alone sessions.
This way, if you are off for a couple of weeks, you’re not missing out.
These sessions will begin from next week and will run into September.
I will be off (hopefully!) for a couple of weeks, but as yet, I’m still unsure when that will be.
I will also only be running 1 Yoga session. This will be at 7pm. If there are sufficient numbers, I’ll run 2 session.
All sessions will be booked through GymCatch. If there is no availability for the session you want, join the waiting list. I will then know whether to run an extra session.
All classes are still suitable for all levels.
I will still be offering modifications and progressions, keeping you all moving forward.

The new sessions are now available to book on GymCatch.
You can use your bundle to pay for any class and they don’t have to be used all in one block.
If you buy a bundle, please allocate yourself to the classes you wish to attend.
I’d just like to remind you of my cancellation policy.
If you cancel a class within 24 hours of the start time, that class is forfeit. Thanks

As the summer tends to be a quieter time of year, I’m going to run an offer up to September.
If you bring a friend (someone who hasn’t attended before) and they book a bundle, you will earn 1 free class.
This will be added to Gym Catch, for you to use against a session. 😊
Max of 5 free classes

One2One/Small Groups
If you went to add more to your practice, don’t forget I also do private One2One or Small Group Sessions (max of 3 people). These are by appointment and cost £50 for an hour or £25 for 30mins. Please feel free to ask me for more info, or see the Yoga & Pilates website.

Yoga for Kids
I’m hoping to start running the kids classes in September.
So, I’m now registering interest for Kids yoga classes, either in schools or at the studio.
If this is something that is of interest to you, please message me 😊

Summer is hopefully here
Just remember, don’t buy into all the stereotyping and summer hype to get  #beachbodyready or a #bikinibody.
If you have a body and you put a bikini on it, you have a bikini body and you are beachready!
Think about your mental health first.
If you are happy with who you are and how you are, your confidence will shine through.
If you aren’t happy, then change it for you….not because the media told you to!