Welcome to January’s Newsletter!

Hi All

I hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas & New Year.

Goal Setting
It’s January again, so time for New Year’s Resolutions.
Do you have any?
Mine is New Year, New Start – enjoy the achievements of last year, and focus on what I want to do this year.
Being an ex-Project Manager, I like to treat myself as a project and set myself kind goals for the year.
These aren’t things to beat yourself up with (There’s enough of that goes on).
More, this is about planning nice things for you.
Making appointments with yourself for you time!
You might want to focus on ensuring you come to class each week (I like that one 😊)
You may want to to lose weight, for you and only you, at your pace.
It may be booking time away regularly with (or even without!) your family.
Allocating yourself reading time.
Doing that course you’ve promised yourself.
Training for a race.
Whatever you want it to be.
The important thing is, these are goals you set for yourself, for you, to bring you joy and happiness.
I really hope I can be part of your New Year, New Start 😊
Please see the Goal Setting Post if you need more help.

One2One/Small Groups
If you went to add more to your practice, don’t forget I also do private One2One or Small Group Sessions (max of 3 people). These are by appointment and cost £50 for an hour or £25 for 30mins. Please feel free to ask me for more info, or see the Yoga & Pilates website.

The new websites are now up and running.
Please take a look at:
I’d love your feedback.
For now, the forum is unavailable!
My fabulous web designer is working hard improving it.
So it will be back up soon, in an easier to use format 😊

Booking System
The website incorporates our new booking system, GymCatch.
I will be using the new system for all bookings from January 2019.
It is really easy to use.
First, you register, then you can select to buy a bundle of 6 classes for £50, or single classes at £10.
Once purchased, you just add yourself to the classes you wish to join.
If you buy a bundle, please allocate yourself to all the classes you wish to attend.
If you have any problems, please feel free to give me a call.
There is also a GymCatch app available for iphone or android if you’d prefer, please follow this link:

Social Goodness
I hope you have all enjoyed seeing yourself on social media over the last few months.
If you haven’t yet, please join us:
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Hope to see you all Soon!
Thanks Mikala