Reboot your thinking.

Change the way you look at your body and yourself.
Accept not everything can be changed.
But change what can.

It’s about being Happy and Healthy.

Changing your attitude towards yourself.
There is an emphasis on weight loss. Comfortable, achievable weightloss.
But that isn’t the be all and end all.
It’s changing habits and behaviours.
Getting you back to liking you again.

There’s an hour long weekly class which incorporates Cardio, some of which is high impact, but it can always be modified. We then have a core workout based in Pilates. And we end with Yoga to centre the mind and stretch the body. We finish with a few minutes of relaxation, some me time.
There are also daily 5 minute workouts to do and daily goals to achieve around sleep, nutrition and movement.
We will have a group forum to check into to offer and receive support.

Small, intimate classes with a maximum of 12 participants

This block is £50 for 6 weekly hour long sessions, or

£10 per session Pay as You Go

Access to the members’ only sites

For all levels/abilities




It’s going to get you Happy and Healthy, loving you again!

A class of everything!

There’s Cardio

There’s Pilates for Core

There’s Yoga for Flexibility

There’s Homework!!!!

Teaching is a hands-on occupation! It is my job to assist and guide you into the correct position.
Suitable attire is required. Please wear comfy clothing: leggings, t-shirt, shorts, vest top, etc.
Bare feet or trainers and no jewellery please.

For Yoga & Pilates classes and instruction in Preston, Chorley or Leyland
contact Mikala Tolley on 07843 494680 or click here.