It’s all about putting you back together after the birth, helping to rebuild your core and bringing your posture back into alignment. Because of all the hormones racing through your body, you need to be kind to yourself and allow yourself time to heal.

But more than that, this is a social class. You can bring your baby along and talk to other Mum’s going through the same things as you…sleepless nights, feeding, partners!

We also have some relaxation…if the babies let us!

If you have been active prior to your pregnancy, there is no reason why you should not to continue. If you have previously been sedentary, as long as you have no contraindications, there is no reason why you cannot attend the classes, but, we must adopt a very gentle approach. If you are Post natal , it is imperative that you wait until after your 6 week check (plus another 2 weeks if you had a C-Section)

Physical Benfits:

The Correction of Muscle imbalances
Improved posture
Improved Core Stability
Increased strength and endurance for performing functional tasks
Improved aerobic fitness
Increased energy/reduced fatigue
Improved function
Better quality of Sleep
Improved circulation and healing,
Improved digestion
Improved body composition – reduction of body fat and increased muscle mass
Increased metabolic rate

Psychological Benefits:

Enhanced relaxation
Greater emotional well-being
Enhanced Self-confidence and self image
Reduced stress levels
Increased social interaction
Increased personal satisfaction
Some much needed ME time

As for all activities, exercising in the Post Natal phase also has elements of risk

These are mainly:
Injury due to joint laxity
Injury due to poor core stability
Injury due to poor technique.

However, I will go through an exercise suitability and medical questionnaire with you to ensure you are safe to exercise and that you get the maximum benefits.

But, it is my job to ensure you are training correctly and that these risks are mitigated and you reap the benefits.

Post Natal Exercise Course


11am-12pm at The Lotus Room.

You will need to complete a Post Pregnancy Questionnaire before you start the course, please message me for a copy.

For the Post natal class you are very welcome to bring along your baby, but you are responsible for them.


Remember, Happy Mummy = Happy Baby