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    Recipes, Menu Plan, Shopping list


    Mikala Tolley

    3 Week Menu Plan

    The menu planner is just some suggestions. I work on a rolling 3 week plan:

    Week 1 make a huge Spag Bol in slow cooker, eat 1 portion, freeze 3. Following week 1 portion becomes lasagne. Week 4, hey your spag is already cooked…week 5, hello lasagne!

    Batch cook the chilli, freeze half for burrito’s the following week

    Make 2 Chicken and ham pies, eat 1 freeze 1, and so on.

    It’s cut my weekly cooking down to only a few nights a week. I have very little kitchen waste as I only buy what I need. My freezer is always at the ready with emergency meals. If you are cooking you might as well make enough for a couple of meals ?

    And just because it’s planned for Monday, Tuesday, etc, doesn’t mean tat’s when you have to eat it, you can always swap meals within the week as you’ve shopped for all of that week.


    Mikala Tolley

    Shopping List

    The shopping list is just because I’m sad…but it’s helpful when meal planning. Just go through your recipes and tally items.

    Ok, I’ll admit the really sad part…it follows the order of aisles in my local Sainsburys!!!

    I personally favour online food shopping.
    I find you only buy what is on your list as you aren’t swayed by all the goodies in the shop!


    RoseyPosey Jones

    I love online shopping but hubby likes to go into the shops himself and we end up with a lot of food waste as a result…
    Will show him this to swing him around!


    Mikala Tolley

    So what should you put on your plate?

    At each meal you should have Carbohydrate, Protein and Fats.
    Dependent on your needs, look at either a fist size of carbs and a hands worth of protein, or vice versa.

    Carbs can be potatoes (favour new potatoes and sweet potatoes over old potatoes), squashes, rice, pasta, beans, bread, parsnips, carrots, strawberries, apples, etc
    Try and stick to food with a low GI if you want to lose weight.

    Protein can be fish, beef, chicken, pork, eggs, cheese, milk, etc

    Also add some fat (good oils, cheese, milk, etc)

    For weight loss, ‘pad’ your plate out with low GI/low calorie veg and salad dressed with a little extra virgin olive oil and vinegar, white wine, red wine, balsamic


    Mikala Tolley

    Mikala Tolley

    Chicken Fajita

    Thats for 1 person

    2 wraps
    1tbs low fat sour cream
    1 chicken breast

    Approx 600 cals

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    Mikala Tolley

    Spicy chicken

    1 Chicken breast
    salad leaves
    sweet potato fries

    approx 600 cals


    Mikala Tolley

    Turkey burgers

    120g Turkey breast mince
    herbs to flavour

    Sweet potato fries

    Approx 600 cals


    Mikala Tolley

    Chicken Bolognese

    1 Chicken breast
    140g Gluten free pasta
    264g Bolognaise sauce

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