Mikala TolleyMy name is Mikala Tolley and I am a qualified Yoga, Pilates and Exercise Instructor, but much more than that, I am a enthusiast!

As a Yoga & Pilates instructor, I believe that I should be (and am) an example of what Yoga & Pilates can do for you. I love Yoga & Pilates and am genuinely excited and enthusiastic about what it can achieve. To enable me to instruct you, I continually work to ensure that I possess good posture, excellent body awareness and have great technique. But further to this, I have excellent communication skills – I am able to explain the exercises clearly, I am friendly, approachable and empathetic. I am patient.

So if you require a great Yoga or Pilates instructor in Preston, Leyland or Chorley, I believe that I can lead your journey to fulfilment.

How I Work

My role as your Yoga & Pilates instructor is to enable you to change your behaviours. I am here to assist you in your journey and help to keep you on the right track. Due to Yoga & Pilates’ holistic, whole body approach to mind, body and spirit, I carry out assessments of each client. This would be via a group assessments on the 6 week courses or more comprehensively in the Personal One to One consultations. I will look at you as a whole, not just a number of separate parts. For example you may present with an ankle issue, but during assessment it may become apparent that actually it is a hip issue, throwing out your bodily alignment. To correct the ankle issue, we would in fact work to correct the hip issue.

Qualifications & Insurance

I am registered with REPS: R0092953
I have insurance through REP’s to £10Million

CYQ Level 3 Mat Pilates Instructor

CYQ Level 3 Yoga Instructor

CYQ Level 3 Pre & Post-Natal Exercise Instructor

CYQ Level 3 Nutrition for Physical Activity & Weight Management

CYQ Level 3 Exercise for Older Adults

CYQ Level 3 Exercise Referral

CYQ Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing:
Group Exercise to Music

CYQ Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing:
Gym Based Exercise

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For Pilates classes and instruction in Preston, Leyland or Chorley,
please contact Mikala Tolley on 07843 494680 or click here.