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About Me

My name is Mikala Tolley and I am a qualified Yoga & Pilates and Exercise Instructor, but much more than that, I am an enthusiast! As a Yoga & Pilates instructor, I believe that I should be (and am) an example of what Yoga & Pilates can do for you. I love Yoga & Pilates and am genuinely excited and enthusiastic about what it achieves. MORE

About Yoga

Yoga is an ancient art developed over many centuries.

It is the unity of Mind, Body and Spirit

Through the practice of Asana and meditation you hope to unify yourself and be at one with others and the universe

About Pilates

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1880’s in Germany. It is a body conditioning routine that focuses on the co-ordination of mind, body and spirit to develop a strong core. This is achieved by emphasising spinal and pelvic alignment, breathing and improving co-ordination and balance. MORE